How NOT to Pray Series Preview – (I Need Your Help)

Follow the blog. Share with a friend. Thanks!

Follow the blog. Share with a friend. Thanks!

Hi Everybody!

I need help to grow strong in prayer. You too? Good. I’m not alone.

I am fired up about the series I’m writing! I hope “How NOT to Pray” helps you connect with your Creator in ways you never dreamed possible.

Could you help me out?

I want this series to be as helpful as possible for as many people as possible:

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Thank you! (Now back to the series…)

Last week I conducted a poll about prayer.

After assessing the results, I’ve decided to call the series, “How NOT to Pray”.

Here’s a preview of the 10 posts I’ll be sharing in the coming weeks:

1)  Don’t (Do.)

2)  Start later (Start now.)

3)  Leave It To Chance (Purpose)

4)  Don’t Schedule It (Rhythm)

5)  Don’t Expect God To Answer. (Expectation)

6)  Make It All About You. (Humility)

7)  Never Stop Moving. (Pause)

8)  Never Be Alone. (Solitude)

9)  Never Shut Up. (Shut up. Really.)

10)  Don’t Change. (Respond to God.)

I can not wait for God to change me (and you) through this series.

Does “How NOT to Pray” look like something you’d read?

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Thanks! I can’t wait to roll out each of these posts. – Joe

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About Joe Wickman

I'm the husband of the most beautiful woman I've ever met, the father of our four daughters, and on staff at the church I grew up in. I'd say I'm blessed beyond belief. I hope the lessons I've learned along the way can help others keep from tanking the most important things in life.

5 responses to “How NOT to Pray Series Preview – (I Need Your Help)”

  1. Deb Wensel says :

    So looking forward to this series. I am so easily distracted in prayer and PRAYING for help in this matter 🙂

  2. Joe Bloomer says :

    Looking forward to this. I’m been doing my Bible plans on You Version everyday since Dec. 1st.!

  3. cartwheelsandcupcakes says :

    I think pretty much EVERYONE can benefit from a series like this, Joe. I know I am really looking forward to it! Can’t wait for Don’t (Do) to just get DONE. 🙂

    For me, 4,7, and 8 were the hardest steps to even make happen. Having something like 47 (4) kids doesn’t help, and always having to just be doing SOMETHING (like, REEEAAAALLLY, sitting down and being still is such a waste of time! I could do that while I make up this document AND make this phone call AND tie my kids shoe while I make dinner!) was really tough for me.

    Yeah. I would (need to) read “How NOT to Pray.”

    Is the first one Done yet?

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